How a Pandemic Created a Podcast

This Is Not A Handout began as all things begin, with a pivot during strange times.  The year was 2020, and a global pandemic raged all around.  Sammy Ross, our fearless host, was unemployed (thanks Covid), sitting in her New York City apartment, wondering how to help her fellow people.  Everywhere around her she saw confusion, mis-information, and just general dread. Instead of making a pillow fort and hiding away for a while, Sammy decided to help the people, via an informative and delightful podcast.  Information, and empathy for others, was the way forward.  And thus, TINAH was born (thanks Covid.)

Sammy Ross
(Creator and Host)

Sammy Ross is a story teller, a lighting designer, and a podcaster.  As an artist, she aims to create beautiful, meaningful work.  Sammy is an avid listener of the people and an overall empathetic human.  Her goal is to change the world, one listener at a time.