Episode 1: Unemployment

Episode 1: Unemployment

On this episode host Sammy Ross and guest Megan Kinneen discuss all things unemployment.  How did we get to the unemployment process we have today?  How does it work, and who is eligible to file?  All those questions and more are answered on this episode of the podcast.

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For more information about the background and basics of unemployment insurance:

https://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/statcomps/supplement/2012/unemployment.html#:~:text=To induce states to enact,provided a tax offset incentive.&text=Employers who paid taxes to,tax against the federal tax.

For FAQ’s on filing for unemployment, specifically during COVID:


For more information about how the unemployment system works, visit:


For a quick video explanation about different state’s unemployment rates, visit:


For more information about Coronavirus mortgage forbearance and renter’s protection, visit:


For information on how the PPP loans are being distributed, the Treasury Dept is issuing periodic reports:


For a breakdown of the CARES Act:


For a breakdown of the House-passed HEROES


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