Episode 6: ICE

Host Sammy Ross and guest Heather Quick continue the conversation on Immigration, by focusing on ICE.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement has come under much scrutiny over the past several years.  On this episode we will unpack what ICE is, why it was founded, and how it is enforcing current policies, today.

*Disclaimer, this episode does discuss some heavy topics, such as sexual assault.  Please proceed with caution, and please reach out to a health care professional if needed.  

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For more on how the immigration court system works: https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/access-counsel-immigration-court

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For more on the foster families and the adoption process for children who are separated at the border: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/deported-parents-may-lose-kids-adoption-investigation-finds-n918261 

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For a list of Movements mentioned in this Episode:

For more on the direct action group Rise and Resist: https://www.riseandresist.org/about 

For more on the Act Up, or the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power: https://actupny.com/ 

For more on the Close the Camps movement: https://www.closethecampsnyc.com/ 

To learn more about Cosecha: https://www.lahuelga.com 

For more on New Sanctuary Coalition: https://www.newsanctuarynyc.org 

For more on RAICES: https://www.raicestexas.org/?ms=actionnetwork

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